Anion (Negative Ion)

December 22, 2009 at 11:13 pm

Do you know “anions” (or negative ions)?


Under normal circumstances, the air molecules or atoms are neutral. Due to natural ionization caused by cosmic rays, ultraviolet rays, micro radiation, lightning and thunder etc, some air molecules will lose some electrons that were orbiting around the nucleus and these free electrons with negative charge will combine with other neutral air molecules to make them negatively charged. These are the negative ions in the air. They are colourless, odorless and have strong absorption capability to absorb micro particles in the air to remove dust and bacteria. Anions in the air are as important as vitamins in the food and are given such names as ‘air vitamin’, ‘longevity element’, ‘air scavenger’ etc.

Anions have special significance to human health. Their effects should not be underestimated. They can have extraordinary absorption capability to gather the particles, bacteria and viruses which are normally of positive charge and neutralize them. They can enter the cells of the bacteria to kill off the bacteria. More anions in the air would mean fewer bacteria and when the concentration of anions reaches a certain level, the number of bacteria would be reduced to zero.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has specified that the anion content in the air should not be lower than 1,000 per cc. In certain types of environment (such as the mountainous area), the inhabitants are free from troubles of inflammation and generally live longer. This is obviously related to the fact that the air there contains abundant anions.

The positive effects of anions in the field of medical health care have in recent years attracted extensive attention worldwide. After many years of research, Winalite Technology Co. Limited of Shenzhen had successfully developed the healthcare sanitary napkin to turn this ordinary product into one with high value added and high-tech content, making it possible to be granted national patents. The anionic tape in our sanitary napkin can emit 6,070 anions per cc to effectively inhibit the survival and duplication of bacteria and viruses, which are the causes of vaginitis. Almost all types of female genital inflammation are caused by anaerobic bacteria. When the anionic tape in the pad emits high density of anions, it also produces abundant ionized oxygen to fundamentally change the anaerobic environment, promote biological enzymic transformation and balance the acidity and alkalinity. At the same time, under normal temperature, it can emit biological magnetic wave of wavelength 4 to 14 micron at more than 90% emission rate which is beneficial to the human body as it can activate the water molecules in the cells to make them exist at high energy level suitable for synthesis of biological enzymes. This is therefore a purely physical process to achieve the antibacterial and deodorization functions, to care for the woman’s health through technology and to benefit all women.

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