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Anion Sanitary Napkins

7 Layers Protection For Anion Sanitary Napkins

Every cm cubic of the anionic padding in each piece of Love Moon Anion Sanitary Pad can release up to 5800 negative ion (anion). The Intensity of negative ion (anion) released will effectively suppress the survival and multiplication of bacteria and viruses on the sanitary napkins.

The Negative Ion Chip releases large amount of oxygen, has a balanced PH level and enhances hormonal balance that effectively improves incretion, strengthening immunity, reducing stress, eliminating vaginal infection, bacteria; treating inflammation, eradicating odor, removing fatigue and ect. Tissue oxygenation increases blood flow to the effected area, promotes healing, which will help with such conditions as hemorrhoids.

Most of the bacteria that cause gynecological issues are anaerobe, which will die within 30 seconds to 1 minute in oxygen – just as man will die without oxygen and fish will die without water within 10 minutes. Hence large quantities of negative ions and oxygen can penetrate the body easily, thus killing the very causes of diseases – bacteria and viruses.

At the same time, the negative ion chip can radiate far infrared with 4-14 um wavelength, which is the right electromagnetic wave band for reducing inflammation.

Negative ions (Anion) will move up to the womb through the vagina, improving blood circulation. Thus, the silt and blood clot stored long in the vagina can be discharged more smoothly. The womb can be repaired and improvements can be expected in 3-5 days. Then, inflammation disappears and no smell is left.

Love Moon Anion (Negative Ion) Sanitary Napkin can effectively restrict the growth and survival of vaginal infection, bacteria and viruses, activates metabolism, improves secretion, and increases immunity. They are also effective in hemorrhoids relief, adjusting pressure, resisting bacteria, reducing inflammation, reducing odor and removing tiredness.

Benefits of Anion Sanitary Napkins, sanitary napkin with anion, the best sanitary napkins in the market.

1.  Soft 100% cotton surface, double absorbency, and feels very soft to touch

2.  Exclusive patented “Anionic Padding”

3.   Sterilized and dirt-free material traps matter

4. Plant extract as premium water absorbent with strong liquid retention power

5.   Sterilized and dirt-free material traps matter

6.   Breathable bottom layer allows free -flowing of air

7.    Easy to peel off, folded-lines adhesive design (food gum adhesive)

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Anion Pantyliner (Pantiliner)

Pantyliner (Panty Liner) is an absorbent piece of material used for feminine hygiene. The uses of pantyliner include: absorbency for daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, post-intercourse discharge and slight urine leaks.

Pantyliner is related to sanitary napkins in their basic construction – usually much thinner and often narrower than pads. Pantyliner absorb much less liquid than normal sanitary napkin. Pantyliner ideal for light discharge, everyday cleanliness and personal hygiene. Pantiliner is unsuitable for menstrual flow or medium to heavy incontinence.

Each piece of Anion Pantyliner (Pantyliner with negative ion)consists of Anion Chip that able to release up to 5,800-6,070 Negative Ion (Anion) per cubic cm.  Helps women to prevent bacterial multiplication, vaginal infection/discharge, eliminates odor and promotes comfort. We strongly encourage women who have vaginal infection/discharge use Anion Pantyliner every day to overcome their problem. Anion (Negative Ion) released able to help them to fight with the bacterial infection at their vaginal.

Please Visit Anion Sanitary Napkin for more informtion of sanitary napkin with negative ion.

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